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Are watery eyes normal after eyelid surgery?

I just took an eyelid surgery. But my eyes are watery right now. Is it normal? How long it will last?
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  • William


    Well, watery eyes is one of the lasting impacts on our eyes after taking eyelid surgery because the surgery would inevitably generate some harm to your eyes and your tear ducts maybe. So, you should follow the doctor's guidance and take pills as instructed and go have your eyes checked on a regular basis. Maybe one or two weeks later you would be recovered.
  • exotic_scents


    Generally speaking, it's normal that you get watery eyes after eyelid surgery. But if your eyes get watery just for a few minutes, that's okay because your eyes may be irritated by the drops or other medicines during your surgery. While your eyes keep constant watery after doing eyelid surgery, you'd better ask your doctor and receive an eye examination to determine what the factors of eyes watery are indeed. And if your eyes really get watery, please do not rub or get rid of them with a towel. That is because it's easy to get your eyes infected. Calling a doctor for help is the best and save way to handle your condition.
  • Eric quick


    Well, yes, it is normal to have watery eyes after you have taken the surgery. And it will just take about one week for your watery eyes to recover. First, you should know that after the surgery, it is possible to have some eye infection, even some side effects. So when your eyes are infected, your eyes will turn red and itchy. Also, watery eyes can occur. So just be careful about your eyes, after the surgery. For your situation, you need to wear the eye patch to protect your eyes from irritants.