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How to read with progressive glasses?

I have bought a pair of progressive glasses. But i still can't handle with it. How can i read with the progressive glasses smoothly?
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  • etilnus


    Progressive lenses are really great things to help people see clear at varying distances through one pair of lenses. But it is true that some people may feel hard to get used to it at the beginning. If you wear progressive lenses, you must remember that not movie your head but your eyes when you want to see somethings. For example, if you want to look far, such as a sign on the side of road, you needn't up your head but up to your eyes and look it through the top of the lenses. In the same way, if you want to look something in intermediate distance, you shall look through the middle of the lens. Just practice it several times, you will get used to your progressive glasses quickly.
  • cristoph


    Progressive glasses could help you see things in different distance clearly. Generally speaking, the upper area of the lenses helps with remote things, and the middle area can help you see middle distance, while the down area of the lenses the close thing. Convenient huh? It would give you a lot of convenience and deals with presbyopia and myopia at the same time. But you still have to get a pair that belongs to you, under the guidance of the doctor.

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