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Does wearing eyeglasses cause one to be dependent on them?

I have a pair of eyeglasses. However, I just use it for night vision and reading far away text on a projection screen. I do not want to become dependent on glasses to the point where I need to wear them all the time.
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  • b2jb


    Personally I think you will be dependent on them. Just like me, I never used to wear them while driving my bike and faced the sun without any hesitation. But I have been using them for past one week and it becomes very difficult to look in direction of sunlight, if i am not wearing them.
  • walgru


    Personally I think it well. However, theoretically it will not. I am a eyeglasses wearer, once I wear it and I have worn it for 10 years. So if your prescription is not that strong enough, you can take some eye excise to get your vision recovered. Hope this helpful.