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Diane Rhone


What is the recommended weight of eyeglasses?

I have a problem to adjust comfort with my new glasses. I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable, whether the weight is too heavy or it takes some time to feel comfortable.
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  • Shureluck


    It's hard to say that what the weight of eyeglasses is more appropriate for people to wear. However, to children, the weight of eyeglasses no more than 20g is much better. To adult, if you are uncomfortable to wear a pair of eyewear and your nose are being pressed, you need change for a lighter one. So please keep in mind that the comfortable feeling is most important. Hope this helpful.
  • gary


    I don't know their exact weight .It depends on the specific sunglasses, it seems average weight is from ~25 grams to ~50 grams. However, I truly love my Silhouette rimless eyeglasses. I used to have other fairly light eyeglasses with wireframes but they would press on the sides of my head and I would get headaches. Now I have these and I love them.
  • cruelladeville0


    Personally I think, the most important thing is that you are comfortable to wear your eyeglasses from the weight and frame shape. The lighter the eyewear is the better. Moreover, you can judge whether the eyeglasses is heavy to you. If the eyewear press your nose and ears, then the eyeglasses is a little bit heavy for you. It not, then the weight of the eyewear is ok.
  • Lakshya


    Is 25gram in sunglasses is have for 14year child