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What are Varilux S series lenses?

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  • Gregory A Meetze


    Varilux S series are a new generation of Varilux progressive lenses. As we got used over time, manufacturers of these lenses continue to be pioneers, bringing innovations in this area of progressives.This time, after more than 50 years having invented the progressive lens, they speak even about a revolution in progressive lens technology with great benefits in using them in daily activities.
  • everybody_cares


    I know that varilux s design progressive lenses are at the core of the varilux s series.backed by two ground breaking technologies nanoptix technology and synchroneyes technology.created by using the latest advances in optics and the deep understanding of wearers physiology,varilux s is the most sophisticated visual solution available.
  • Holly


    A revolution in progressive lenses. Varilux S Series offers the first line of digital progressive lenses that provides a real breakthrough in patient experience for both first-time and experienced progressive lens wearers. Ranked #1 on every lens feature by real patients in independent studies, Varilux S Series is undeniably in a class of its own when it comes to addressing issues like swim, motion stability, expansive vision and personalization.Thanks to cutting-edge design, innovative technology and unique manufacturing process, Varilux S Series lenses dramatically defy the limits of progressive lenses so radically in every area that performance is actually Guaranteed!