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Why can't concentric rings (aberrations)of high minus HI (1.74)lenses be minimized?

Too much emphasis placed on absolute clarity of vision with little improvement of the visual appearance of the lenses. Surely some coating or tinting can be done. Don't think enough R&D is done here.
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  • Jordan owen


    I must tell you that the high index,high diopter lenses are made with rings because this is the only viable solution that keeps the lens features. I mean about the focal point,distortion free lens, thickness.As you already know, the spherical minus diopter lens is thicker at the edge and thinner in the middle, and if we add the high density material to have a high index lens, the only way to keep all this in one is with the rings. Without going into technical details, so far this is the only option the manufacturers have to make these lenses.Already you can buy now high minus diopter lenses with a bigger diameter, where the rings are at the edge so after grinding will last fewer of them.
  • Joseph


    The fact I can suggest is to choose a smaller frame so the part with the rings will disappear in the grinding process. Using the lenses with larger diameter, you can choose a larger frame with the same results, the other solution is to wear contact lenses,but they also have a few downsides.the other solution is to wear contact lenses,but they also have a few downsides. I can only hope that one of the many companies in this field will end up with a solution so you can have a decent looking pair of glasses and in the same time highly efficient. In the meantime,try to get the best of the situation,have fun with different frames,be creative and try different glasses until you find the one that fits your individual needs.