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How to use makeup to hide a black eye?

I got a black eye. Can you give me some ideas of make up to hide my black eyes?
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  • walker_


    The reason of black eye may be congestion of blood capillary around your eyes. You know the skin in your eyes is very subtle, tender and sensitive, so it needs the care look after. You may use make up to hide black eye, but the skin care product must be the one without stimulation and natural. The real pure plant and no additives skin cream is packed in sterile tiny packages. You need to be prudent to choose the products. Cold compresses and hot packs are useful for you to cure your eyes in a physical way at first; it will help your eyes blood vessel contract, then blood circulation will increase to make your eye recover.
  • Isabel fergus


    Well, sorry to hear that. So, yes indeed black eyes could seriously affect our looks and make us less confident. Therefore we gotta do something to tackle the problem. Here I would like to recommend smokey-eye makeup to you, which could naturally cover your bruised area around your eyes. But you have to make your clothes compatible to that way of makeup. And meantime, you should get some medicine and more rest in time.
  • Winer


    First put a good facial moisturiser over the black eye, preferably an eye-moisturiser, but if you have some cooling gel that ppl use for bags after a big night out... that would be the best.
    Then basically apply your makeup as normal. It would be better if you had a paler foundation than your actual skin colour because that black is going to show up through the makeup, and the paler the foundation the better. After you have rubbed the foundation in well, if you also have some concealer it would be good to dab some on, and not quite rub it in, but rub it in just enough so you dont see smear marks. Because after than you can seal in the concealer with loose or pressed powder. If its pressed powder its better if you apply it with a brush, (an eyeshadow brush is best) and gently apply.. more like dust a coat over the top. Because you arent going for the perfect perfect look here, basically you just want to reduce that black and purple pigment as best you can, and get an OK look. The only way you are going to completely cover that black eye is with pancake pancake makeup that makeup artists use for TV.