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Who is at high risk for retinal detachment?

I have heavy myopia. And i was told that i am in high risk of retinal detachment. Is that true? And who is at high risk for retinal detachments?
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  • fergus


    It is true that when one gets high myopia. So, you are at high risk for retinal detachment. And high myopia is prone to produce vitreous degeneration and shedding. Retinal degeneration, such as lattice degeneration, cobblestone degeneration is more likely to get in myopia. Myopia vulnerability of the peripheral retina, there is vitreoretinal traction, can easily lead to retinal detachment. The experts suggest that beyond the myopia of 600 degrees is better to check the fundus regularly.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    There are two main kinds of people who are at high risk for retina detachment. Firstly, people who are once hurt in the head or the eye in the violent sports may easy to get the retina detachment. And people with high myopia are also at the high risk for retina detachment.
  • chocolateeeee


    These people who have myopia are prone to retinal detachment. Because of nearsightedness occurs when some people's eyeballs are longer than normal ones to pull on the retina. It's easier to pull a piece of the retina off from the back of the eye wall. And any type of myopia can cause retinal detachment.