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What sunglasses will look good on asians?

I have Asian facial features. What sunglasses will look good on me? Any idea? Can you recommend me some?
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  • Debbie


    In fact , a lot of sunglasses are suitable for Asians, such as mirrored sunglasses which is the most classic sunglasses in the world ,and some kinds of wayfarer sunglasses are fit for Asians ,too .I think it depends on what types of face you are .For instance , if you are oval face , mirrored sunglasses will be perfect for u .On the other hand ,if you are round face , wayfarer sunglasses will be the best choice for u . What's more, there are a lot of famous brands for both wayfarer sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban ,Gucci ,Prada ,Ports, etc. You'd better go to the glasses shop to try them on. I am sure you will find your sunglasses.
  • enycelilmamii


    I think the oakley sunglasses are designed suitably for the Asians. Whatever from the consideration of quality or the design, it will let you wear for a long time and let you look fashionable, cool and spiritual. Although the price is a little high, it is worthy to have one.
  • James


    In my opinion, it's hard to say what sunglasses can look good on Asians. Because it depends on your face shape and the skin color which will determine the best sunglasses for you. For example, if you have a oval face, maybe you should choose the oval frame which will match you. At the same time, you should consider your skin color. You'd better choose a style which can make the whole image not so weird. In other words, it's a big deal to decide which sunglasses will suit for you. But in some people's opinions, Oakley sunglasses can meet the Asians' needs.