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Jonathan griffin


What will happen if i stop blinking your eyes?

I know that eyes blinking will help eyes moist. But I just wonder if i keep my eyes open all the time, what will happen? Will it cause damages to eyes?
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  • Dan Samberg


    That is an interesting question I think! People may feel horrible for you to stare at them with no blinking. Forgive me, it is just a joke. The function of blinking is mainly to keep the humid of eye ball. The most part of contents of eye ball is water. No blinking will lead to dry eye at first till heavy disease of eyes happen. There's another protected way of human, it can clean the dust of the eye ball surface. Keeping eyes open always will lead to tears running and feel hurt, that is the result of the stimulation of the cornea.
  • Julia


    For most people, they will blink every 2 to 6 seconds which may help them avoid the dirty dust or other things in the air. If you stop blinking, the possible result is that your eyes may feel dry. That is the reason why a lot of computers feel dry in eyes because their eyes don't blink often.

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