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Are transition lenses good for children?

I heard transition lenses eyeglasses are very convenient, especially in summer. So, I plan to buy a pair to my children. But i wonder, will the transition lenses be good for children?
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  • equine_world


    Yes, it is good for children definitely. As you said, they are very convenient in summer as they change the color to protect eyes from UV lights automatically. They can also protect our eyes from glare. They can improve the visual effect. If you buy a pair of transition glasses for your kids, they will protect them from many aspects. And you do not need to buy them sunglasses any more.
  • creepozoid


    Transition lenses is type of lenses that can adjust the color of the lenses automatically in UV rays. IN details, indoor, the transition eyeglasses are appeared as a pair of regular eyeglasses. In sun, the UV rays in the sunlight can make the transition lenses turning to black so as to help wearers reduce strong light and prevent UV rays. From this point, transition lenses are good for children, especially in summer.
  • Marissa Thompson


    Dark lenses increase comfort in bright light, but also reduce contrast, which may negatively affect the eyes' development when worn excessively at a young age. Once the eyes are somewhat developed, it isn't a problem. So wait until the child is around 4 years old, then consider transition lenses for your child. Once they're at that age, the dark lenses outdoors won't impair the development of their eyes, and therefore will only be beneficial to the child.
  • edward


    You'd better go to the professional eyeglasses store with your child to have an optometry. However, in my own opinion, the transition lenses may have an effect on the child's eyeball development and the recognition of colors. Thus, you'd better not let your child wear the transition lenses.
  • Mariah


    Yes, in summer, it's good for your children. Transitions lenses can change their colors according to surrounding light conditions. And at the same time, so it provides double functions which sunglasses and prescription glasses have. In other words, Transitions lenses are a good choice for people who need to regularly move from indoors to outdoors .This group of people will gain great convenience from these glasses. They no longer need to make switches between prescription glasses and UV sunglasses from time to time. So you can give your children so that it's very convenient for him playing outside in summer time.
  • Kimu


    Transitions lenses are made with a photochromic dye system which enables them to darken when exposed to the ultraviolet light of the sun. The darkness of the lenses%u2019 shade adjusts to the intensity of the ultraviolet rays. At nighttime or when there is no ultraviolet light, the lenses appear clear. Transitions lenses enable your son to wear an eye glass and sun glass at the same time. They can be assured of 100% ultraviolet blockage regardless of the level of tint.