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How long does it take to recover from a black eye?

I just fight with one of my classmate and now i got a black eye. I don't want to let my parents. How long does it take to recover from such black eyes? And is there anything i can do to heal eyes?
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  • Michelle percy


    This kind of black eye is caused by the congestion of eyes blood after fighting. Your eyes really hurt! The way to heal it is apply some anti-inflammatory salve or go to a doctor. There is another way to help and cure it soon. You must find some ice cakes which wrapped by a cloth, apply it onto your eyelids for more than 3min. Then, apply a warm towel onto your eyelids for several minutes after that. It would be shuttled with each for several times. The blood vessel on your eyelids will be expanded with heat and contracted with cold; it will improve the circulation and metabolism of your eyes. The black eye will be recovered soon with this method.
  • walkingalone_


    It will recover to the normal state for at least a week, but the precondition is that you have to accept the treatment, such as adopting the ointment and doing eye exercise often in the spare time. If you don't want your parents see them, you can to do the makeup to cover it. Although it is a funny doing, it really works.
  • emkat_rodd


    Your case may be inflamed eye. Go to hospital and take some anti-inflammatory agents ROX (roxithromycin) capsules, etc. The curative effect will be better if you combine with some relative medicine for external application. Never use the cold water, or they are swelling much heavier. You can use wet hot compress to apply on around parts of your eye, which can help anti-swelling eye quickly. Besides, hard-boiled eggs or raw chips are another choice to help you recover from black eye.
  • Rebecca


    Generally, black eyes are not often serious and will usually go away without extensive treatment. There is not much you can do to get rid of a black eye faster, either. You may not be able to get it to disappear immediately, but here's what you can do to promote quick, safe healing so that your black eye disappears as soon as possible.Apply a cold compress, washcloth filled with ice, or a bag of frozen vegetables to the swollen area in 10-minute intervals.
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