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Jada oliver


Is there a cure for puffy eyes ?

Puffy eyes makes me look ugly. Is there any treatment that is available for me? What can i do to cure it?
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  • cocreative


    Many factors could cause puffy eyes. Puffy eyes may cause by your wrong sleep position. It's better to sleep with a pillow to order to elevate you head, and then avoid the fluid storage under your eyes. Lack of sleep could also cause puffy eyes. What you ate or drink before you went sleep is another factor which can affect your eyes. Try not to drink alcohol and eat salty foods before you go to bed. Covering the cooked tea bag on your eye is a very effective method to reduce puffy eyes. You can wash your eyes with cold water; it can help to reduce your puffy eyes. Cucumber is another natural remedy for puffy eyes; you could slice the cucumber and then cover it on your eye.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Puffy eyes can be caused by several reasons and do make people look inanimate and ugly. The skins under the eyes are very thin and there are a lot of blood vessels around the eyes, thus making the skin under the eyes very sensitive. If you usually sleep very late or often stay up very late at night, you will easily get puffy eyes owing due inadequate rest of your eyes. Besides, if you have a habit of drinking a lot of water before you going to bed, the water will stay in the cells of the skins under your eyes, which also will make your eyes look puffy. In addition, if your sleeping quality is not good and you just turn and toss around in the bed all night which will also lead to inadequate sleep at night, you can as well get puffy eyes. Therefore, to reduce puffy eyes, you should develop a habit of going to bed early, not after eleven o'clock p.m., and if possible, do not stay up at night. And be careful that do not drink too much water or alcohol before bedtime. You can drink a glass of milk to help you sleep soon and well at night. Last but not least, you can use some eye cream to spread on the skins under your eyes before and after bedtime which can help reduce puffy eyes.
  • Nat


    The reasons for puffy eyes are various such as the inappropiate use of cosmetics, skin disease and illness like angioneurotic edema. The puffy eyes are also related to the quality of sleep, drinking water and the posture of body during the sleep. To cure puffy eyes, you can use some clarifying lotion to clean your eyelid, forehead and temple. Then you may do some eye exercise as follow: Firstly,keep your head still and move your eyeballs, left to right, up to down. Open your eyes and close your eyes hard. Moreover, The nutrition is closely related to the state of eyes. I advise you to eat more green vegetables, keep your pillow lower, drink less water before you sleep and have a sound sleep.