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Kimberly quick


Are glasses marks permanent

I am a current eyeglasses wearer. And my eyeglasses give me indentation on my nose. I just want to know if the indentation permanent on my nose? If i quit my glasses, will those glasses marks (indentation) go away?
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  • walker03andrea


    The indentation left by glasses on your nose is not permanent. Even though it may stay for a long time, it will disappear finally. For how long the indentation will last depends on the weight of your glasses, and how deep the mark is. If you do not want to wear contact lenses, you can change lighter-weighted glasses or glasses with extra soft nose pads to minimum the pressure on your nose. Taking off your glasses at regular intervals every day is a helpful habit. Gently massaging with your fingertips the indentation to stimulate blood flow to the tissue will also help. To make your skin hydrated and toxin-free will also alleviate the indentation. So you need to drink good quantity of water. However, the best remedy is to change a pair of contact lenses.
  • Victor Lee


    Not necessarily. If you develop red, deep indentations, see an eye doctor. You may need different frames. Although indentations caused by glasses are usually not permanent, they can lead to permanent dark spots in the area, especially in darker-pigmented individuals.
  • YUAN


    No they aren't permanent, i had that problem too! but it eventually went away after i stopped wearing glasses and wore contacts instead.
  • neva taylor


    Apart from indentation, your glasses may also change the shape of your eyes and your face if you wear them for a long time. If you don't have heavy prescription, just put your glasses aside for a while, and the indentation on your nose will disappear. You can also use it only when necessary. You can also replace frame glasses with contact lens as alternative. You can also have a laser eye surgery to get rid of your glasses. If you must wear glasses, just choose the soft and mild material for the frame.


    I think you have got a set of wrong glasses,I mean it does not fit in you.You can have it adjusted in the glasses shop or just change the frame that not like it especially where touch your nose. I can promise you that it will not be permanent unless your bone there has been twisted.You can choose to wear contact lenses if you do not mind,and after a while,you may find the indentation has been gone. Hope that will help.