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Is there a cure for double vision?

I get double vision and i don't know why. Anyway. What i only want is to cure it. Can you give me some suggestions? Can double vision be cured?
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  • griffin


    Double vision also called diplopia, a serous symptom which you should take care of. Double vision could be caused by problem with any part of your vision system. It may be the cornea problem or muscle problem. Problems with your nerve, even brain can also cause double vision. So what you need to do is to find out the cause of your double vision, and then seek treatment. Double vision can be reduced by treating its cause. It may not be reverse, but you can wear an eye patch or special contact to reduce the effect of double vision.
  • Bridget C


    Double vision presents as seeing two images when looking at one object. One of the reasons for double vision may be that the muscles that control the motion of eyeballs get inflammation or trauma or neurological disorder, leading to the discordant motion of the eyeballs. Besides, the diseases caused by cerebral nerves or the brain itself can as well lead to double vision. If you get double vision, you should go to the doctor's for an eye examination, and the doctor will ask you to wear eye glasses or take a surgery of removing cataract according to your actual conditions. If the double vision is caused by diseases in the brain, then you may have to take a surgery such as removing brain tumor. And there is another treatment, that is, eye muscle surgery, which is to recover the damaged eye muscles.
  • walerie


    You must have basic information of double vision before you have it cured. If you want to treat it, you must know the causes. Take actions according to your own situation. 2.How to cure double vision? a.If your double vision is due to astigmatism , then you need a pair of corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses. b.If you have cataracts which trigger your double vision, you need a surgery to have the cataracts removed. c.If you are having double vision just because of dry eyes sydrome, you can drip some eye drops. d. if lesions occurs in your eye muscles, have surgery or injection on the ill eye. b.Wear an eye patch on the ill eye

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