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Will i go blind if my eyesight keeps worsening?

I am nearsighted. And in recent year, my eyesight keep worsening with the time. I am worried it so much. Is it possible to go blind in someday if my eyesight still keeps worsening in the following years?
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  • Ariana


    Your eye sight could keep worsening in the following years even if you are blind and have bad habits of lifestyle. Although you get blind, you still have the eye sight which will be near to the zero and makes you not see things in the shape. However it could be worsening with your bad habits of life, like sleeping late at night. The inner parts of the eyes will get affected. You should keep the good rest and good diet to keep the eye sight.
  • Joseph bell


    If you are only near-sighted and you don't have any other complications, you won't be blind for myopia. The risk of blindness lies in the complications of myopia. The more near-sighted you are, the thinner your rectinas are, the more risk you have for detached rectina. If your situation is still worsening, you are suggested to have laser eye surgery. If your prescription is between 6 and 15 diapoters, the surgery will work well.
  • Katelyn smith


    Don't worry it so much.No matter what is happening in your life, be cheerful,optimistic and positive.A good mentality is the most important! But that's not enough,you have to develop a good life habit and pay attention to eye health, get regular sleep times.Don't watch computer and TV for a long time. Besides,you could find eye doctor to give you a number of suggestions.For example, a good eye exercises,a pair of eyeglasses correcting your vision and the foods which are benefit for the eyesight!