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Will i go blind if i look at a solar eclipse?

I heard that solar eclipse is bad for eyes. So, i just want to know what are the side effect of seeing solar eclipse? Is it possible cause blindness?
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  • Danielle


    Yes, you can not look at the solar eclipse directly, instead, you need a pair of special glasses. However, it is overstated that straight watch will causes total blindness. But it actually hurts. You may not release it immediately, because a retinal burn has no initial pain. But, the symptoms will manifest several hours later, then the damage has already been done. Have you ever play a trick like using the sun and a magnifying glass to lit a paper on fire ?This is one thing. Our eyes have lenses. This lens can concentrates a spot of sunlight on your retina, when you stare at the sun, then retina will be burned. Your ophthalmic imaging function will be damaged, and then you are blind. Well, take care of your eyes. They are delicate. Don't do it.
  • Randy C


    It is possible for people to get blind if they see the sun straightly for a long time. The ultraviolet rays and blue rays are the main factors for the damage of eyes. And the damage is closely related to the amount of sunlight that is absorbed into the eyes. Many people get the disease of eclipse blindness just because of a large amount of sunlight shines on the eyeballs in a very short moment. If some people are careless enough to use equipment which can collect sunlight such as telescope to watch solar eclipse, they are definitely gonna get severe burn of the eyes. To watch solar eclipse safely, people should use observation mirror or watch the sun with eyes only when the sun are almost be covered by the moon.
  • eden540


    No, you won't get blind for watching solar eclipse with bare eyes. However, serious damage will be done to your eyes. This is called Solar Maculopathy. When people are seeing things, yellow spot plays a fatal role. Yellow spot is a part of rectina whose diameter is about 1.5mm. When you are seeing things, you are using your yellow spot to see them. The lesion occured in rectina by watching solar eclipse with bare eyes include burned yelow spot, macular oedema, and macular hole. Among them, the most serious one is macular hole. It creates a black spot in your vision. You can't see thing inside the spot, but things outside this spot can be seen. Therefore, you won't be blind. But it is not so much better than blind.

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