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What are the best eyeglass frames for high index lenses?

I want to buy a pair of eyeglasses with high index lenses. I am here to ask some suggestions. Is there any limits for choosing frames to high index lenses? What are the best eyeglasses frames to fill my high index lenses?
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  • taylor


    High-index lenses are thin and light. People with strong eyeglass prescription are tending to use high-index lenses. As for the frames, there are no limits for them. You can choose plastic frame which are thick enough to cover the edge of the lenses. Remember the size of the frame should match the size of your face. There are many kinds of frames; you can choose anyone you like.
  • Eric rupert


    Many types eyeglasses are offered in the market for the nearsighted, high index lenses included. A pair of plastic rimmed glasses with small frames should be the right choice, with small size, thickness of the lens can be greatly reduced. Certainly, the plastic or wood for frame material is better than metal rimless frame. Because the a lot of the metal frame is narrow and the lens could not be embed tightly, you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Caleb may


    People choose high index lenses usually indicate that you have high prescription, your lenses maybe be very thick. It is preferable to choose small-sized and light-weighted frames. As for material of the lenses, plastic or wood is better. Metal frames are not suitable for high index lenses, for the slot is narrow and the lenses cannot be tightly embedded to the frames and the weight of them will probably give you an uncomfortable feeling. You should not choose rimless frames because of their unfitted length and structure of the screws. Besides, frames with dark colors will also be taken into consideration, for dark colors can conceal thickness.