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Kristy Prince


Can oakley sunglasses be prescription ?

I want to buy oakley sunglasses, but i need vision aids. So, i wonder if i can get oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses? Can i get it?
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  • chocolateeeee


    Yes, you can get the oakley sunglasses with prescription lenses. The oakley sunglasses are so cool at the design and so excellent at the quality. It is worthy to own one. If you like the oakley sunglasses and you are short sighted, you could own the one with prescription lenses. That will be the good choice. You could wear such type.
  • Gail


    You can buy a pair of cheap prescription sunglasses from a retailer. You can tell the doctor you want the oakley sunglasses with prescription if they can offer. Online shopping can also be helpful. Seize the beneficial chance to order a pair of discount prescription sunglasses online if the official website of oakley offer customer those discount. According to their guidance, I log in their official web, then follow the procedure they listed. The simply purchase process makes it much easier for you to complete the online shopping journey. Then you just need to waiting for the express worker knocking on my door.
  • Riley eddy


    All right, from what I can see, you are not very happy with the service available from some optical shops. Anyway, most designer sunglasses are not prescriptive, which means that they could not help with your poor vision. However, you could try to contact their customer service department to ask for some special help with your requirements. And just tell them which type of sunglasses you need. That would be ok. Of course there will be some additional fees.