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Richard Schneider


Is it possible for people who are not albino to have very red eyes?

I met a boy who have red eyes. But he have no albino relatives. So, i wonder if red eyes happen to people with non-albinos?
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  • walking_lives_


    In fact, it is rare for human beings that have red eyes because of albinism. And albinism occasionally appear red eyes often happen to animal . And the red eyes have many causes apart from albino. And the most common causes of red eyes is tiredness or sleep deprivation. Also, some eye infection or eye allergy may also cause red eyes.
  • Dylan


    In human, albino is rare to associated with red eyes because a human eye is quite large and thus produces enough pigment to lend opacity to the eye. But there are many other factors that contribute to red eyes. For example, reading too much e-book or computer screen can cause red eyes. Also, lacking of sleep can also cause red eyes in the morning. Some people even get red eyes by eating spicy foods. But those red eyes will gone themselves with sometimes.