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Why my vision gets blurry since I started wearing glasses?

I have poor vision that i can't see far. So, i bought a pair of eyeglasses. But my vision gets blurry when i started to wear my glasses. Why? What causes it?
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  • Erin


    Oh, it sounds you get wrong prescription eyeglasses. If you get eyeglasses that made exactly according to your prescription, you shall have clear vision instead of blurry vision. To get proper eyeglasses for vision aids, you shall take an eye exam first for prescription. Then, buy your eyeglasses based on prescription.
  • Kimberly Y


    Oh, you shall stop to wear the eyeglasses and consult your optician. Also, you shall check if you provide wrong prescription. A pair of prescription shall provide you vision aids. Also, it may caused by the incorrect PD. You shall help the optician find out what causes it.Then, buy another pair based on your prescription. Good luck
  • Victor Lee


    A pair of suitable glasses accoring to your prescription won't make you feel like that. I think that you must have gotten wrong prescription or glasses. You should stop wearing them cause they will damage your vision. Go to your doctor for help.
  • Rebecca


    You need to take your eyeglasses to the optometrist to see whether the prescription is right or not. It may be caused by the wrong prescription.
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  • Zoe Wang


    Firstly, you need to check out whether your eyeglasses are processed with right prescription. Secondly, please make sure that your prescription is latest.
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