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Does lecithin work eye bags?

Can lecithin help reduce eye bags? I just heard somebody talked about it. So, i am here to ask someone who can explain it to me. Please help!
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  • Barbara Mellon


    Yes, lecithin can help reduce eye bags. First, lecithin is an emulsifying agent, it has the function of enabling fats and other lipids to be dispersed in water. What's more, it is also a solubilizing agent for fat and fat can be removed by it. So by using lecithin, the fat of your eye bags will be removed a lot so that your eye bags can be reduced.
  • walkingnreverse


    Yes, lecithin can help reduce eye bags. The lecithin belongs to a kind of mixture. It exists in plant and animal tissue. There is the yolk of a group of brown grease resistance material. Its composition includes the phosphorylcholine fatty acid glycerol glycolipids triglyceride. The phospholipid lecithin is known as the third nutrients with vitamin and protein. Serum lipid mechanism regulating serum lipid level means that you can reduce cholesterol level, protect liver and also improve memory. In addition, the lecithin will strengthen the immunity and the vitality of fatty liver disease resistance. The eye bags will be reduced to some degree because of the health of the whole body.