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Should I have my computer lenses tinted?

I am going to get a pair of computer glasses for computer use. Do I need to have my lenses tinted to protect my eyes?
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  • walksonthabeach


    You must know that tints won't make you relieve from computer eyestrain. However, you can have your computer lenses tinted if you are often in a bright office. A light tint on your computer glasses will reduce the amount of light that get into your eyes so that you can feel more comfortable when you use your computer.
  • b2dar2dai2datt


    Usually some tinted glasses like gray can give your a darker vision but other color like yellow can increase the contrast and make things brighter. If your room is too dark or too bright, you can tint it with proper color and make your eyes feel more comfortable.
  • christian


    If you do need, you can ask your optician to add a light tint to your computer lenses, which may help you prevent strong light getting into your eyes. However, you should consult your doctor to see whether it is suitable.

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