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Dawn C.


Do over the counter reading glasses fit anyone?

I think I need reading glasses now cuz I can't see clearly when reading books. I saw there are over the counter reading glasses in the pharmacy, but do they fit anyone?
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  • James


    No, actually over the counter reading glasses can only fit few people with the same power in both eyes and only have presbyopia. Because most people have different power in both eyes.
  • Jocelyn


    These glasses are ready-made so that they are more likely to be unsuitable for some people than prescription lenses from eye doctors. In fact, reading glasses can not provide good distance vision. Even with over-the-counter reading glasses, regular eye exams should not be skipped. Eye exams are effective not only in diagnosing visual refractive errors and presbyopia, but also in detecting signs of an underlying eye disease. For presbyopic patients, the most advisable practice is to buy customized reading glasses from an eye care practitioner and get regular eye examinations.
  • Michelle leonard


    Over the counter reading glasses are not suitable for everyone because these glasses have been already made with same prescription in both lenses. While many people have different prescription in the two eyes. Some people have astigmatism which cannot be corrected by these glasses. So not everyone is suitable for OTC reading glasses.
  • Zoe


    No. If people choose the over the counter reading glasses that don't fit them well, the glasses will hurt their eyes and make their eyes even worse. In my opinion, the best way is go to your optician to have the eyes checked and get the customized reading glasses.

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