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How long can I get good vision after I start OrthoK treatment?

I am planning to have OrthoK treatment. Has anyone experienced this? Can you tell me how long can I get good vision if I have OrthoK treatment?
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  • Christina keith


    If you get OrthoK treatment, your vision will be improved quickly in the first few days after you get the treatment. And you can get good vision within 10 to 14 days. Hope this helps you.
  • clur_08


    After you have ORtho-K lenses, you can feel your vision are better immediately. It is convenient to use and improve your vision in minutes. You just need to wear it when sleeping.
  • giles


    You just need to use it during the night and shape your eye in the way it is needed, and you will be able to see normally the whole next day without glasses. It saves you the trouble of wearing glasses or contacts during the daytime. But they are more expensive, usually the half price of lasik surgery.
  • Shelby harris


    If you have lower prescription, you will get your good vision very soon if you have OrthoK treatment.People will get significant vision improvement within two hours. They will achieve good vision within the first week. If you have higher prescription, it will take you two to four weeks to achieve good vision.