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What can we benefit from contact lenses?

There are many people wearing contacts. Why do they choose contacts rather than glasses? Can you tell me the advantages of the contacts?
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  • Alexa murphy


    There are so many benefits for contacts lenses. Many people feel they become more confidence when wearing contacts than glasses and they will no longer be laughed at having “four eyes”. They don't need to worry it will fall out when doing sports.
  • walker8016


    You don't need to be bothered by them fogging up in winter or when sweating. When you kiss with your partner who also wear glasses, you will not run into the other's glasses. LOL
  • edjuice


    Wearing contact lenses won't affect the peripheral vision so that you can get a wider vision field. Compared with glasses, contacts won't fog up and get splattered in the rain so they won't bother you. And you will find more comfortable to wear contact lenses.
  • erickie6


    They will hide your beautiful eyes and eye makeup when you want to show up your eyes which is especially good for girls.

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