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Can people with small eyes wear contact lenses?

I have small eyes. I want to get contacts to wear, but I am not sure whether I can put them in. So I am wondering whether people with small eyes can wear contacts or not.
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    I have small eyes,too. The optometrist prescrible the contacts that fit me fine. And he ask me to have a lot of patience when I put my contact lenses in and take them out. Now I can put in my contacts easily. So don't worry, you will get used to them very quickly.
  • Arianna walker


    Sure. People with small eyes can wear contacts. Each person's eyeballs have similar size. The only difference is the size that the eyelid splits. So small eyes can also wear contacts. Just take your doctor's advice when you start to wear contacts.
  • Alexia


    Of course you can if you don't have any eye disease. The eye care practitioner would choose the right size of contact lenses for your eyes according to your contact prescription.
  • arnold


    Surely you can. Contact lenses come in different diameters and can fit in most eyes. I also have small eyes and I started to wear contacts when I was 13.

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