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Kristy Prince


What is the link between diabetes and glaucoma?

I know that diabetes can lead to some eye problems. Yesterday, i heard people talked about diabetes and glaucoma. Can you tell me what are the relation ship between diabetes and glaucoma? Any idea?
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  • cupidityx


    Well, yes, diabetes can be serious and it will cause some side effects on eyes. Generally speaking, if you have got diabetes, retinopathy, which is the most common disease related to diabetes can occurs. And also, cataracts, and glaucoma can be possible too. By the way, it can lead to blurred vision and floating spots, eye floaters. On the other hand, glaucoma actually is related to a group of diseases and it can cause damage to the optic nerve as a result of increased pressure within the eye. Eye infection, injury, blocked blood vessels or inflammatory conditions of the eye can just lead to it. So just be careful about them.
  • Andrea


    There is the relation between the diabetes and glaucoma. When you get the diabetes, you may cause the glaucoma because of the unstable eye pressure. Diabetes mellitus is due to genetic factors immune dysfunction microbial infection. Its toxin free radicals toxin spirit factor and all other kinds of pathogenic factors affect on the islet function and make it decline, such as insulin resistance. It causes the sugar protein fat water and electrolyte. It may appear a series of metabolic disorder syndrome and is presented with high blood glucose as the main characteristics. Then you may have the unstable eye pressure because of the unstable blood circulation. Added with the aging problem, you may easily get the glaucoma. You should take care of the body and protect the eyes from the detailed things in life. If you have suffered the diabetes, you should use the medical care and protect the eyes by not using them too much time with no rest.

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