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Jonathan griffin


Can i play squash with glasses?

Is it OK if play squash when i wear my glasses. Or what will happen to my eyes and eyeglasses?
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  • b3autyqu33n22


    It is better not to wear eyeglasses when you are playing squash. Squash is a relatively fierce sports, and if you wear glasses when playing, the ball may hit on your glasses and crash on it, then the fragments of glasses may prick into your eyes to hurt them. If the hurt is serious, the cornea may be damaged. If not very serious, your eyes will also get hyperemia or blurry vision or so. If you are highly near-sight, you had better wear soft eye contacts instead to protect eyes. In addition, it would be a great help if you wear eye shield for eye protection, because the shield can prevent the squash from hitting on the eyeballs and at the same time not hinder your view. And remember to choose firm and tensile eye shield instead of gragile one. Also, there is a kind of sports glasses that is intended for people when doing sports. Goggles are many sports-lovers' choice because they are made of special materials to protect your eyes when doing sports. You can refer to the following website for further information about goggles.
  • Jack percy


    If you can still point out the position of balls without glasses, you'd better take off your glasses while playing squash. As the balls can rebound, it is possible for you to get injured when play it. That's why many players need to wear goggles to protect their eyes.Many athletes do not wear glasses when they play squash. So in order to protect your eyes better, you'd better not wear glasses when playing squash. On the other hand, if you cannot watch things a little bit clear without glasses, I advise you to wear glasses. Anyway, if you cannot see the ball clear, how can you play it? Only keep your safety in mind. By the way, do not wear contact lenses when you are doing sports because of convenience. The reason is simple, you will sweat. And it will affect your eyes, which will lead to inflammation and contact lenses may hurt your cornea when you do sports.
  • elliekate825


    From my own experience,I don't suggest it's a good idea.I had an experience playing basketball with prescription eyeglasses.Once I missed the basketball and got hurt because the ball just hit my prescription eyeglasses which I wear.The result you can imagine was my face blooding. Then I play basketball without wearing prescription eyeglasses any more.Playing sguash is the same as playing basketball. What's more, the squash is smaller so that it's hard to control when the ball gets faster.The squash gets you,and the eyeglasses, even your eyes get danger.
  • Victor Lee


    You can wear sqash goggles. This kind of goggles is just for squash. Besides, contacts is also an alternative. Ordinary glasses are very inconvenient and unsafe.