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Can fatigue cause eye twitching?

Is this normal that my eyes twitches when i feel fatigue? How can fatigue affect the eyes?
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  • Elvis Presley


    Yes, it is quite normal for eyes to twitch if you feel fatigue. When you overuse your eyes or feel uncomfortable, the muscles around the eyes may sometimes spontaneously twitch, thus making your eyes twitch. This is because that when you are using your eyes too much, the muscles and the nueromechanism of the eyes cannot get enough rest and become too active. Then the nueromechanism in the brain that are responsible for regulating actions will become overactive too, making the blink reflex unusually excited, thus the eyes twitch under the control of this. If your eyes often twitch, then you should do regular eye exercises and allow your eyes to have enough rest during and after working or reading. Use eye drops that are suitable for eye fatigue, and put foods containing vitamin A which is good for eyes into your daily diet.
  • Katelyn


    Actually it is very common that your eyes twitches when you feel fatigue. Besides, pressure and stress will make our eyes twitching. Fatigue, lack of sleep are bad to our eyes. It may lead to many bad effects, such as puffy eyes, dark circles, red eyes and dry eyes. Apart from the above, it may influence our eyesight, and caused blurred visions. So you had better have a good rest and not overuse your eyes. Avoid staying up and keeping watching computer.
  • Arianna griffin


    Fatigue can cause many eyes problems, such as blurry vision, light intolerance, pain eyes, eye twitching and so on. Vision is an active process that involves the eye, eye muscles and the nerve pathways. Tired or fatigue can cause the disorder between eye muscles and the nerve pathway, then cause eyes problems. Have a break when you feel tired.

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