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How to get rid of squinty eyes?

I suffered from squint eyes. Is there any way that i can cure it? It is really boring. Please help.
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  • Elijah walker


    Most of the squint eyes can be cured. Squint eyes can be caused by bad habits of using eyes and some diseases. Correct the patients' habits of using eyes for squint eye are caused by wrong way of using eyes. And through surgery, those are caused by diseases can also be cured.
  • J Bell


    A squint is a condition where the eyes do not look together in the same direction,and it occurs in diffenrent types. If your eyes turns inwards,you can wear glasses to correct any refractive error. However, if it turns outwards, surgery is often needed to correct the appearance of the squint itself, and may help to restore binocular vision in some cases. The exact operation that is done depends on the type and severity of the squint. So you can go to the doctor and find a suitable way to cure it.
  • Vanessa edward


    Well, squinting eye can be annoying and ugly for you, and also, it can lead to many other eye diseases, such as dry eyes, dark circles and eye bags under your eyes. So just pay more attention to it, and also try some ways to cure it. For example, you can just have some eye exercises which can be effective for your squinting, if you keep it for a long time. By the way, some warm teabags under your eyes can be effective too. And then apply hot compresses on your eyes. Of course, some good, sun scream can be a good choice too.

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