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Why do my eyes itch in the winter?

It is so strange that my eyes always get itches in the winter. Why?
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  • b3hind_blu_eyes


    As the temperature becomes colder in the winter, many people may feel itch eyes. If they rub their eyes with hands. The itchy feel will be more severe and may be their eyes will swell and become red and the eyes will make some secreta. The doctors say that itchy eyes in the winter are mainly caused by allergy, which can be called the seasonal allergy. Not only can the cold temperature, but also the wind can lead to the itchy eyes. That's because the in the wind, there are many polluted materials. Usually, the eye allergy can be perennial or seasonal. When people get itchy eyes, they should avoid makeup. Besides, they should do more exercise or take vitamineC to strenghen immune system. If they want to use some anti-allergy medicine, they'd better follow the doctor's description.
  • Ana evelyn


    It is normal to feel eye itchiness in the winter. The combination of cold winter wind and the indoor heat contributes to itchy eyes by evaporating the moisture in the eyes. When the process of evaporation of eye moisture is faster than the tear glands that generate fluid to sustain moist coating on the surfaces of the eyes, people will feel itchiness in the eyes. When you have this feeling, you can increase the humidity in the environment by using a humidifier in your house. When you are out, you should wear sunglasses to prevent the winter wind.
  • chilloutsha


    There are several possible causes, including: 1. You may have allergic conjunctivitis. The symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis are itchy eyes, swollen conjunctiva, congestion in conjunctiva, and goopy eyes. It happens every now and then. Patients' eyes are sensitive to season changes. 2.Video display terminal syndrome: In winters, the air is dryer. If you stare at the screen of computer, TV or other digital products for too long, plus a lack of sleep, your eyes get tired and fail to be lubricant enough, then you have itchy eyes. 3.There may also be a lack of a certain nutrition in your diet. In this case just keep a balanced diet. Anyway, in dry winter, you must drink enough water for the sake of your health. Don't forget to have a rest internally in case your eyes get overloaded.