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Jada oliver


Can an ear infection cause blurry vision?

Can ear infection affect our vision? Is it possible to get blurry vision due to ear infection? How?
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  • Downeast


    It's hard to say. Sometimes, ear infection can affect our vision, while, sometimes not. Some inner ear infection problems can cause eye problems, such as blurry vision and eye pain. It's been said that it is due to the side effect of brain disorder. You’d better ask some professional person for the reason and help.
  • Logan quick


    Well, yes, ear infection can lead to blurry vision in some degree, so you need to pay more attention to your ears when they get infection. Generally speaking, if you have ear pain or a change in your hearing, that can be ear infection. And then eye infection can occur. Of course, when the eye infection occurs, some other symptoms can be possible, for example, blurry vision, and eye discharges. for blurry vision, it can be dangerous when you have driving or some other activities. Anyway, just treat your ear infection as soon as possible.
  • Johane


    Generally speaking, it is likely that ear infection can cause blurry vision. We have known that the main cause of blurry vision can be the eye infection, which is caused by bacteria, virus, and allergy. And you should know that those pathogens lead to ear infection can also be the same pathogens which give rise to the eye infection. Also, an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause eye infection. That is to say, since a bad infection in the ear which goes untreated will probably impair the muscles in the bottom of the eye, which will move the eye up and down, a blurry vision will occur. However, there might be other reasons for your blurry vision which you don't pay attention to. Thus, it's better for you to consult a doctor and take a professional treat quickly.
  • Nila Hartford


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