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Noah james


Is it ok to scuba diving after corneal transplant?

Can i go for a scuba diving after corneal transplant? Or how long does it take before i can go scuba diving?
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  • Marissa edward


    Well, you should not go to scuba diving after you have taken corneal transplant. After the corneal transplant, your eyes are more sensitive than normal ones. So if you go to diving, it will just make your eyes be stressed, leading to eye strain. And that can be dangerous. Also, there are some irritants in the water, and when the water gets into your eyes, it will just make your eyes infected easily. So you are not supposed to go diving in the first week after the surgery. Also, pay more attention to your eyes too.
  • cnpriest


    No, you can't go for a scuba diving after corneal transplant which will affect your recovery of the eyes. You should have the good rest for the eyes which should not sit in front of the computers for a long time. You'd better wait for about a month's basic recovery of the eyes and then go for the scuba diving. When you go for the diving, you should wear the protected goggles to protect your eyes from the bacterium.
  • Cathy


    Well, looks like you like to take that sports very much, so I know that scuba diving is one of the most amazing sports in the world. Anyway, I should say, you cannot try to do that before you are fully recovered you know? Because scuba diving would make your eye pressure higher, which is quite dangerous to your eye health. And I recommend that you follow the doctor's advice.

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