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Is it normal that bleeding after a vitrectomy?

Guys,do u know that why I bleed after a vitrectomy?Is this normal?
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  • Sally


    It is abnormal. And you shall contact your eye doctor immediately. In common, the purpose of vitrectomy is to improve vision acuity for people who have severe vitreous hemorrhage. And the vitrectomy is aim to decreases the risk of severe bleeding. However, it is risks to take vitrectomy. And further bleeding into the vitreous gel is one of their risks. So, you shall told your surgeon as soon as possible. Besides, taking Vitrectomy have the risks of retinal detachment, infection inside of the eyes or corneal edema etc. Hope you will be fine.
  • luis


    yes,don't worry about this cuz it is really very common.u need to caln down and keep telling urself that this is really very normal and u will be very fine.First of all,u should know that this surgery aims to get rid of debris that can cloud your vision.After this surgery,u need not to lift anything heavy or it will be bad for ur eyes' recovery.Besides,try not to do any exercise or the strain will just add the burden to ur eyes.