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How to wear glasses with style ?

i have to wear glasses because i can not see clearly without glasses. How can i look good when wearing glasses?
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  • entaliden


    From what you said, suffering from stye might bring a lot of pains to you, and it would affect your looks, making it hard for you to put on glasses. Anyway, contact lenses are forbidden for you, so you must try to put on framed glasses , just try to put some issue on your nose to hold your glasses so as not to touch your eye stye. If it doesn't work out, you should consult the doctor to find a better way.
  • walkentall


    That's pretty cool to wear glasses with style. I can introduce some ways to you to wear glasses with style. First, you should choose the correct style of glasses that fits your face shape. Second,make it clear what is your characteristic and choose the suitable design. Third, take your hair style, eyelashes and the brow of your eyes into consideration.At last, always keep your eyes clean and keep it a good shape. You will look very cool.
  • Jean Caster


    In order to wear glasses with style, you should have your suitable hairstyle or clothing which should at the same time be suitable with the eyeglasses. You could choose the big black frame eyeglasses which will be so popular this year. You could pay attention on the clothing which could be bright. Thus your whole look will be cool.