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What are echinacea benefits for eyes ?

I heard that echinacea is good for eyes. So can you tell me what are the benefit we get from echinacea to eyes?
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  • evilrain


    The ecinacea is good for the eyes. As the flowering plants, echinacea has nine species which are native to central and eastern North America. It is a part of the protected variety. It has great benefits for the healthy body. It owns the role of getting rid of the bacterium and eliminating the bacterium. It will make your eyes keep moisture. At the same time, your white parts in the eyes will become bright. It will make your eyes feel comfortable. You could take more echinacea to improve the healthy state of your eyes. It will also make your blood circulation go quickly. You could take this into consideration.
  • arnold


    Ok, I can see from your words that you want to improve your eye health in a natural way. So, it is true that sometimes echinacea could do good to our eye health. Because it is enriched in a lot of vitamins and natural nutritions. However, it could not replace medicines, you cannot rely on it. Actually, a lot of natural plants do good to our eyes, so you should diversify your nutrition sources. Hope your eyes are always healthy.
  • Robert Lipman


    Echinacea is made of a dried tall purple flower. It is believed that echinacea can help you combat the common colds and some variants of seasonal influenza. As for the eyes, most of American Indians take it as a healing ointment for the eyes. Anyway, Personally, you'd better not use it randomly. If you suffer some eye problems, you'd better visit an eye doctor and s/he will prescribe you some medicine for you or give you some ideas to treat it.