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Carlos rodney


How to get a job when you are blind or vision impaired?

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  • Savannah


    Landing a job when you have difficulties seeing is a unique challenge, but not an impossible one. Follow these steps and you will find yourself employed. Firstly, you need to focus on your strength, by turning the attention away from the fact that you are visually impaired, you will gain (or re-gain) the confidence you need for a successful job search. Secondly, determine what types of jobs you are able to do. Thirdly, network with people who are in the type of business that you are interested in. Fourthly, ask for the assistance of a supportive sighted pal to help you browse through classifieds and the internet (this is assuming you don't get a braille newspaper and don't have any special accommodations to assist you in reading what's on the internet).
  • crazyasswhatnow


    All people face obstacles to employment, but vision loss adds specific challenges that others don't have, such as when to disclose your disability and how to address employer concerns during an interview. If you are blind or visually impaired while looking for employment, you need to become more self-aware, find out about job search tools,create a quality resume,learn to write a cover letter and hone your interview skills. Once you are ready you can practice doing the research, develop strategies for getting hired, learn about the fastest-growing industries in America and what employers are really looking for, and since the best way to learn about a career is to talk with someone who is doing it, you'll discover the valuable benefits of having a CareerConnect Mentor to share the process with you.