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What will you do when you encounter a visually-impaired person?

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  • Jen.C


    Most visually-impaired people are very aware of their surroundings. If you see one walking down the hall with a dog or a cane, it is not necessary to pin yourself against the wall. Simply step out of our path of travel. You can even say, "Hi" to let the person know that you are there and that you acknowledge them. Offering to open the door is a polite gesture no matter the circumstance. But when doing so for visually-impaired persons, it is helpful to say something like, "I have the door for you," so that we are not reaching for an expected door handle. It's fine to offer other assistance, too. And please do not feel shy about asking us to join you for lunch or a break, or even a brief hallway chat.
  • Nicholas carter


    Visually impaired people, whether they are totally blind or have some degree of useful vision may, at times, require the assistance of a sighted guide.When approaching a blind person, initiate the greeting using a normal tone of voice. Identify yourself and then inquire if your assistance is desired. If so, touch your hand to the back of their hand as a signal or them to take your arm.Avoid pulling blind people by the hand or tugging at their sleeves. It is awkward and confusing. Simply offer your assistance and they will tell you the best way to guide them. Let them know when you are coming to a curb and whether you will be stepping up or down.You should tell the blind person when they are approaching a door and in which direction the door opens. For example, the guide would say "the door opens to the left and towards us". In this case, the blind person would then free their left hand in order to hold the door and to close it, as may be required.