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Tyler charles


What does corneal edema look like?

One of my classmates was absent because of corneal edema. What does corneal edema look like? Is it a serious eye disease?
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  • charmed83


    As we know, the cornea is regarded as a protective domed layer which is the clear tissue covering the front part of the eye. If you get the corneal edema, your cornea becomes overly hydrated because of accumulated fluid. There are several causes of corneal edema. If you get infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes and trauma, you may get high possibility to get the corneal edema. If you wear the poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse the contact lenses which are over the expired using time, you may find that you could easily get the corneal edema. After you have the corneal edema, you may easily get the blurred vision which will affect your normal way to see objects. If the situation is worse, people with corneal edema may get blurry vision after he wakes up. Some people may even see the halos around the headlights or other kinds of lights when they wake up or before sleep. It is a serious eye disease which needs the high attention.
  • William clive


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that the cornea is a protective domed layer of clear tissue covering the front of the eye. And when you have corneal edema, the cornea becomes overly hydrated by accumulated fluid. In common, some symptoms such as blurred vision, visual disturbance will occur, when you have corneal edema. For the causes, it includes infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes, trauma, poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse of contact lenses. Anyway, you should pay more attention to it.
  • walking_poeticx


    For me, corneal edema is serious, because it brings pain and trouble to the patients. Without prompt and good treatment, it can finally lead to vision loss. Cornea is the transparent clear tissue covering the surface of eyeball which provides most refracting power of eyes. Normally corneal edema is the swelling and/or inflammation of cornea. At the very beginning, you might have a blurry vision, which is just like cataract. Your vision would be distorted and you might found halos around light. Meanwhile your eyes are getting extremely sensitive, because cornea is full of nerve ends. You are sensitive to light and to any foreign objects into eyes. If you ignore it, it probably develops to severe pain because nerve ends are damaged. And gradually you might lose your vision. If any symptoms above you found happened to your eyes, talk to your oculist at your earliest. Take good care of your eyes.