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Can a virus cause dry eyes?

Is it possible that dry eyes can be caused by a virus?
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  • Miranda


    People with dry eyes usually experience dry and itchy in the eyes. This is caused by lacking of tears in the eyes. So far, I never heard that virus can cause dry eyes. Usually, dry eyes can be caused by the environment, diseases, hormonal change as well as aging etc. And the most common treatment of dry eyes is to apply eye drops to keep eyes moist. If you want to cure it, you are suggested to take an eye examination so as to fins what going on of your eyes.
  • handril


    Dry eyes is a very common syndrome for almost everyone. And causes of dry eyes are varied from each person. Some people get dry eyes because reading too much on computer screen. If so, take a break or apply some lubricating eye drops can relieve your dry eyes. Besides, there still some eye problems can cause dry eyes. Besides, eye surgery is also a common cause of dry eyes. But i never meet people who suffered from dry eyes from virus. So, you shall check your eyes again to determine what causes it.