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Can you wash your contact lens with water?

Can you rinse your contact lenses in water? Will that hurt your eyes?
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  • Cathy


    Personally, you are not suggested to use water to wash your contact lenses. As we know, cleaning contact is to keep the contact lenses clean so as to keep eye health. However, water can't clean out contact lenses. After wearing contact lenses for a day, the contact lenses are probably contain lots of protein and bacterial. Common water can't clean it from contact lenses. At least, water can't clean bacterial. So, we need contact lenses solution to clean it.
  • walkendeath


    You can do that, but usually we are suggested not to do so. Unlike contacts solution, water doesn' t contain certain chemicals that can help kill the bacteria on the contact lenses. Even worse, the pressure that comes from water can even destroy your lenses, which can be very terrible. So even if you plan to wash your lenses by water, I suggest you to wash them in a container in case of the mentioned tragedy. But, in some special cases, such as a lack of contact solution, you can try this way.
  • Rebecca


    The best way to wash your contact lenses is to use solution instead of water. Since there are some microorganism which will stay on your lenses, which will get your eyes infected.
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