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What are eye exercises to reduce wrinkles ?

Can you guys recommend me some good eye exercises to reduce my wrinkles? Thanks a lot!
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  • Thomas


    It is really difficult to remove wrinkles around the eyes by eye exercises. If you want to remove eye wrinkles, you can apply some anti wrinkle cream to help you ease wrinkles. Also, keep healthy life style, getting good rest can also help you become younger, also contribute to reduce wrinkles. If you really want to get rid of wrinkles, you cam also take a surgery that can reduce wrinkles.
  • hall


    Getting wrinkles around the eyes is a natural process. And there are no exercises that can remove wrinkles. Besides, heredity is another cause of eye wrinkles. If so, you may have to take surgery if you want to remove eye wrinkles. If you want to reduce it, using some anti wrinkle cream and massage your eyes around, it may help your reduce the wrinkles.