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Why do I get dark circles under my eyes when I'm tired?

Weird that I can get dark circles when I feel tired! Why? Will I look older than my actual age?
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  • Minaxi Patel


    Dark circles are the most common cosmetic complaints for everyone. And in common, sleep deficiency is the reason of dark circles. This is caused by the dark blood pooling in veins under the skin shows through. Usually, when people tired and not get good rest, the skin under the eyes will appear dark. This is normal. You don't worry, getting a good sleep, you will get attracting eyes again.
  • catgay2005


    Yes, tiredness can cause dark circles under eyes. Still there are many other factors that contribute to dark circles. In details, heredity, lacking of sleep, some eye diseases and aging can be the reasons of dark eye circles. And. Usually, people with dark eye circle will look very tired and illness, also, maybe older than your actually age. But don't worry dark eye circles from lacking of sleep will go away as long as you get good rest.
  • gerard


    It is often claimed that periorbital dark circles are caused by tiredness or working too hard or even just staying up late. While this can be true, the truth is that your genes play a huge role here. Simply put, periorbital dark circles are a result of the thin layer of skin below your eyes showing the blood vessels and the blood they contain more clearly than anywhere else on your body. Those dark bluish circles are just the result of light being reflected back off of the blood vessels sitting just below the surface of that incredibly thin patch of skin. This is the same reason facial bruises are more prominent below or around the eyes; the thin skin just shows the blood from the ruptured blood vessels a little bit more clearly.

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