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Can astigmatism affect depth perception?

Do you guys know if astigmatism can make my prescription worse?
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  • Melanie


    I know, it is really bad to suffered from astigmatism. People suffered from astigmatism have to wear eyeglasses to fit for the eyes. And the depth perception is affected because the eyes do not work together properly. But it can't see that astigmatism can make my prescription worse. Keeping good life style and reducing the time on computer screen can help you prevent the deterioration of your vision. Hope this can help you.
  • Christina keith


    Well, in most cases, astigmatism mostly happens in just one eye. You know that there are some certain glasses for you to improve your vision. You might as well have a try. Those prescription glasses are designed for providing people with astigmatism a clear and good vision. But what you worry is absolutely very necessary. It is true that astigmatism can get people' s prescription worse and worse. You have no other choice but try every way to improve your vision such as doing eye exercise every day, having more vegetables and fruits that contain rich vitamins, what do you think?

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