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Why does the bottom of my eye hurt?

I feel hurt on the bottom of my eyes. What cause it? Is it a sign of eye disease?
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  • Carlos rodney


    It is possible a sign of eye disease based on your description. There are many causes for eye pain, which can be divided into two categories, ocular pain and orbital pain. You said the bottom of your eyes is painful, then I assume it should be orbital pain. Orbital pain is described as a dull and deep ache in or behind the eyes. This kind of pain is usually connected with some eye disease. Glaucoma, usually is painless, but in some rare cases it can cause orbital pain. Some other eye inflammations and infections might cause orbital pain as well, such as iritis, optic neuritis, sinusitis. Migraine can be one of the reasons too. Besides trauma or injury to eyes can cause orbital pain too. You should check if any reason above fit your situation or not. If it is severe, you should go to see an oculist for detailed check and proper treatment. Hope you get well soon.
  • Miranda clark


    Well, as far as I know, your problem could be painful eyes, and that could be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, so, your painful eyes coud be an eye strain, or could it simply be a symptom of a particular disease with your eyes. Maybe it is derived from some infections, all are possible causes. So, you could see it as a sign of eye problem, here I advise you to take an eye exam to see where went wrong so that you could take timely measures to fix it.
  • Armand


    Well, generally speaking, there are many reasons which can lead to the hurt on the bottom of your eyes. For example, if you go outside, the light is so strong that when we open our eyes to see it. In that way, it will just make the eyes hurt. And also, our eyes are so very sensitive that they will react to the stimulation from sun light. So when the sunlight gets into our eyes, it will make our eyes to adjust to it. Sometimes, it will also make your eyes not just hurt, but also become watery. So at this moment, you’d better wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the strong light and the UV rays. By the way, it also can be because of the eye infection, for there are many dirty objects in the air outside. Just be careful about it. For your situation, you should go and see the eye doctor as soon as possible.