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What happens to the pupil when exposed to bright light?

Every time when i stay in bright light condition, my eyes feel hurt. So, What happens to the pupil when exposed to bright light?
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  • Russ


    It is normal to feel hurt for the eyes when you see the bright light suddenly. At this time, your pupil will be reduced at the diameter. Pupil is small round hole of the iris center from an animal or person in the eyes. When the light comes into the eyes through the channel, the iris smooth muscle will be expanse. It can make the pupil diameter become reduced or get amplification, controlling the pupillary light. When you see the bright lights suddenly, it may hurt your cornea. That is why you feel the hurt. However, you'd better have a check on the eyes to see whether it gets the inflammation. Once your eyes get the inflammation, you will feel hurt when seeing the bright lights immediately.
  • Angelica giles


    According to what you have described, I wonder if you stay too much time in dark places. Just as one goes to watch a film in the cinema with the light off, when the film is over and the person goes out to the bright place, he would feel eyes pain and unable to open. Not until several minutes later do the eyes adapt themselves to the light. I suggest you walk out frequently and rest more.
  • cabanaboy01


    Hello, actually it is quite common for one's eyes getting hurt when exposed to bright light suddenly. And when a light is shined into your eyes, your pupil will get smaller because the eye doesn't need all the light shined into your eyes. And when the light goes away, your pupil will dilate. If you see the bright lights suddenly, you will feel the hurt, because the lights may hurt your cornea.

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