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Can liver disease affect your eyesight?

Does liver disease affect your eyesight? Is it bad for eyes?
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  • Noah james


    Yes, liver disease does affect your eyesight and it is very bad for your eyes. For example, the liver blood deficiency can cause problems such as blurry vision. What's more liver disease can affect your eyesight in many way. Another example, bloodshot eyes may be the result of an overloaded liver. Just go to hospital to have a check on your liver and get some good treatment.
  • Ana


    Yes, the liver disease will affect your eyesight. It is really bad for your eyes. When you have the liver problems, the eyes may show the yellow state. You should take great notice of. Or else, the disease may get the eye problems get serious. Bile, the yellow liquid, is excreted by the liver cell. It is the storage in the gallbladder. It has helped decomposition in excess fat role when the gallbladder or liver function is bad. It may cause bile to silt up and come into the blood which may produce whites yellowing phenomenon. Thus, when your eyes show the yellow state, you'd better go to the hospital to check the situation of the liver. If you just ignore the liver problem, the eyes will be bad at the vision which will be difficult to see things clearly because of the turbid crystal.
  • Lainey


    Well, no. liver disease can not affect the vision. As we know that there are many symptoms when you have liver disease. For example, when you have liver problem, it can lead to puffy eyes. Besides, it can also result in bags under the lower eyelids which is containing water. So this situation, it can make you look tired and annoying. Also, with the liver disease, your eyes will lost their natural shininess. So this is a fatal problem so you should pay more attention to it. So if you have this disease, just go and have a test, so that you can have medical treatment as soon as possible.
  • hill


    Liver disease will affect the eyes but i never heard that it can affect eyesight. When someone got live disease such as enlarged liver, he or she may get eye swelling or floating. Then it won't be comfortable, the feeling will lead to frequently eyes closing. Consequently, eyesight will be affected. And fatigue and dryness will make the eyes suffering. I wish you won't be like that, if so you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.