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Is it true tha daniel craig wears contact lenses?

I heard that daniel craig wears contact lenses. What type of contact lenses does he wear? Where can i find it?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Really? I have seem a lot of his movies and I can see that he has got a pair of inborn sea blue eyes, which are very attractive in every way. Therefore, he does not need to wear contact lenses. However, I can see your strong interest in contact lenses. Perhaps you might as well try to have a look at Walmart, where you will see plenty of contacts of various types and colors. Hope you find what suits you.
  • walkerstalker2


    I didn't hear that he wear contact lenses. As far as I know, along with the Hollywood blockbuster movie"007warm love", actor Daniel Craig creates a fashion because he wears the kind of sunglasses. The glasses is an Oliver under the Peoples brand, named Airman, unfortunately, the sunglasses are discontinued. Heard there are so many people who like this kind of glasses, some firms produce some similar glasses. They are pretty cool. You just go to some optical webs or optical stores to find them. Such as Walmart,Lescrafters and Specsavers.
  • entivore


    British actor and film producer Daniel Craig wears contact lenses in some situations. In the usual days, he will not wear the contact lenses. Craig wore contacts during the filming of the 2007 movie "The Golden Compass" to emphasize his blue eyes. It is the blue contact lenses that make him look handsome and cool.
  • Aleisha True


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