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Does anynow know if david beckham wears contact lenses?

I heard that david beckham wear contact lenses. Is it true? Where can i get such contact lenses?
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  • c_wilde


    It is the extended wear contact lenses that the beckham wears. Since he wears them, there is name called the David-beckham contact lenses. You could go to the to have a look. You could even go to the other online stores to make the comparison. The quality there may be similar.
  • Christopher giles


    Yes, that is true david beckham wears contact lenses. And the type of contact lenses David beckham wear is Extended Wear Contact Lenses. You can get them both online and you can go to some optical stores. It is not hard to find them.
  • Makayla raphael


    Well, you should know that David Beckham is one of the most amazing football players in the world, I myself like him very much. However, from my many years' experience, he does not wear contact lenses or eyeglasses because as a professional player. they usually have perfect vision therefore there is no need to wear contacts. Unless he tells you he did so. You may get a lot of contacts of various types from Amazon or eBay,both of which are preferable.